Battery Pack Reconditioning

Bring new life to your heavy-duty vehicle

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Benefits of reconditioning

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Each battery with time reduces performance, because cells of the hybrid battery begin to wear out.
Reconditioning is a cheaper way to renew vehicle's life and also it is better for the environment.
Quick and easy way to extend the usability during shipping delays or market availability.

extend the life of your hybrid vehicle

How to Recondition a Battery

Our staff will provide processes to remove voltage depressions within the battery's cells. They will charge and discharge modules in parallel, then they will balance and test your battery pack.

First technicians will inspect the battery. We need to completely disassemble battery.

All the battery cells are going through particular process on our equipment, where we are able to exercise them. Any broken modules have to be removed.

We organize and grade modules, combining good modules together and remove bad ones.

After the reconditioning process every battery pack will consist of only high capacity modules with similar characteristics (Capacity, Resistance, etc).

All of the modules are going through the final charge and testing.

After that technicians build the rest of the battery around the cells. The process includes also ECU (electronic control unit) reconditioning, depending on the type of the battery.  The upgraded nickel bus bars with the wiring is inside - we will recondition them or will build new harnesses depending on our situation.

Then we assemble the battery. The result - better capacity, so that the vehicle will hold the charge as before.

How long should battery reconditioning take?

High quality cell balancing takes at least 20 hours on a special equipment.
Mississauga Bus Coach and Truck Repairs Inc. has all the required tools to provide high-quality refurbishing of the batteries.

What do you have to know before reconditioning?

Some repair shops claim much lower price for reconditioning.

How much does it cost to recondition a battery?

To learn what is the cost of the reconditioning for your vehicle please contact our office.
Refer to professionals to make your reconditioned battery reliable.


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