High-Voltage Repair

We support e-mobility. Highly-qualified work for hybrid and electric commercial vehicles

High-Quality HV Repair Ensures Reliable Performance

High-Voltage Repair for Buses and Trucks

In the conventional vehicle electrical cables can be routinely removed or reinstalled several times without torque specifications. High-voltage cables are only rated for a certain number of connection cycles and terminations must be accurately tightened to the specified torque. Contact areas of abrasion or even incorrect tensioning can lead to overheating and increase the risk of fire.


Our Technicians Learn
From O.E.M. Manufacturers

Our staff of High Voltage Experts (HVE), are qualified to work on high voltage systems. Our trained staff will accurately and safely work with all types of high voltage systems. We strongly recommend allowing only highly trained technicians to work on your vehicle as improper repair work can lead to damaging many systems and components in the vehicle.