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Transmission repair

* For special circumstances, we will extend our hours and/or open on Sunday to minimize your fleets downtime.

The transit bus transmission is a critical component that plays a key role in its performance, efficiency, and safety. Regular maintenance and inspection of the transmission can help to ensure that the bus operates smoothly and reliably for many years to come. The team at Mississauga Bus Coach and Truck Repairs will remove the damaged transmission and replace it with a new or rebuilt one, depending on the severity of the damage. Our staff is well-trained and reliable.Technicians will also perform a series of tests to ensure that the new transmission is functioning correctly. In addition to transmission repair, Mississauga Bus Coach and Truck Repairs also provides preventative maintenance services for buses and trucks. Regular maintenance can help prevent transmission issues from occurring in the first place and ensure that vehicles are running at optimal performance.


Allison, ZF and Voith

MBCT's technicians repair and rebuild Allison, ZF and Voith transmissions.

There are several types of transmissions commonly used in transit buses, including:

  • Manual transmissions: These transmissions use a clutch and gearstick to manually select the desired gear ratio for the bus to operate in. They are typically less expensive and simpler in design than other types of transmissions, but they require more driver input and attention.
  • Automatic transmissions: These transmissions use hydraulic and electronic controls to automatically select the appropriate gear ratio based on the bus's speed and load. They offer smooth and convenient operation and require less driver input, but they can be more complex and expensive.
  • Continuously variable transmissions (CVT): These transmissions use a belt and pulley system to provide an infinite number of gear ratios, allowing for smooth and seamless acceleration and deceleration. They are becoming increasingly popular in transit buses due to their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Regardless of the type of transmission, it is important for transit bus operators to regularly maintain and inspect their transmissions to ensure they are functioning correctly and to prevent problems from arising. This can include tasks such as checking fluid levels, replacing worn or damaged components, and performing regular oil changes.

Shift Gears

We have expertise in complete recondition, remanufacture and overhaul all types of transmissions used in both commercial and the transit industry

We first completely disassemble and wash all the components

We use our pressurized washing machine and soak tank

We accurately inspect components for reuse

We maintain high level of inspection

We assemble the transmission using only O.E.M. parts

We work with the most renowned vendors in Transit, Bus, Emergency Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Industries and have a big parts warehouse

We test the transmission on the dynamometer

Dynamometer helps us to ensure that no defects are found

We typically have swing units for for common transmission models.If you have a model that is commonly used, let us know.If we do not have one, we will ensure to stock your commonly used axle in order to reduce your downtime.